Glitter and metallic pens! Haven’t your children asked for them?

These pens make paintings look flashy and appealing and make your painting sparkle.

So there is a reason for children to love them. They even use them to write notes and do some doodling.

Which glitter pens to buy

Gold, bronze and silver are few of my favorite colors, also, they are most widely used.

Other than these metallic ones, we can buy a whole range of other colors that are available in sets.

First paint your picture with any medium. The use them to create patterns. Use them for letterings and other highlights.

How about a starry shiny night?

Many use these glitter and metallic pens freely only for craft work but paintings also look beautiful when we use them.

The best part is that these colors are opaque and they can be used on top of any surface and paint.

My students also bought glitter acrylics and we did the entire painting with these paints. We painted the king, made the king’s crown and jewelry with gold, and the robe with shiny colors. Even the background was painted with sparkle acrylic colors.


What can you buy in glitter and metallic colors?

First buy bronze, gold and silver pens. These can be used with anything.

Then buy pens in the range of colors. You can buy one set and keep. Here are some options.

In acrylic paints there are lovely colors too and they can be used to paint an entire painting.

There are also sparkle gel crayons which we have used.

You really have a lot of choice. Buy these glitter pens and metallic pens and enjoy painting.

Other than glitter and metallic pens, neon colors are quite popular among children. You can paint pop art in Andy Warhol style.

But we stick here to the glitter ones which adds a dash of sparkle to a painting.