Stave Puzzles, the “Rolls Royce” of wooden jigsaw puzzles has partnered with Charles Fazzino to create a very special collection of hand-constructed puzzles from some of the artist’s most popular images. Stave launched the collection with a selection of five images and more will follow.

“The pieces that Steve Richardson and his team create can hardly even be called puzzles. They are incredibly intricate, wonderfully complex, and entertaining artworks. Just like my pieces, each one is made individually, all by hand, and is an original artwork all in its own. I have great admiration for the thought and technique that goes into the making of a Stave puzzle and I’m honored to see some of my images re-imagined in this way and for this purpose.”

Founded in 1974, Stave Puzzles has spent decades establishing itself as the ultimate hand-crafted wooden puzzle company, building a loyal fan base of thousands, featuring a hefty slate of celebrities like Bill Gates, Barbara Bush, and Queen Elizabeth. Ranging in price from several hundred to thousands of dollars, every Stave puzzle is meticulously hand-cut, one piece at a time, by a skilled artisan. No two puzzles and no two puzzle pieces are ever exactly alike. They are made from the finest wood and hand-finished with a gleaming cherry back and are made to order.

Choosing the perfect image for a jigsaw puzzle can be a tricky endeavor. We look for artwork that is both colorful and imaginative, artwork that offers an opportunity to add custom-shaped pieces while also playing on the colors or the theme. We incorporate devilish tricks to stump the puzzler, like color-line cutting or phony edge pieces in the middle of the puzzle. The art of Charles Fazzino offers all of this and so much more. It is fun, entertaining, and elegant all at the same time. Each piece of art tells a story that comes to life as the puzzle pieces fall into place. – Stave Puzzles.