How about doing a Mexican Folk art project today?

Why is Mexican folk art so interesting?

Mexican Art is colorful and preferrable to create with acrylic paints.

Children should learn to appreciate folk art. Folk art teaches the ancient ways of creating simple art and representing nature

So without any further delay, let’s start with Amate Paintings.

What is Amate Painting?

Amate is a type of bark paper that has been manufactured since long in Mexico.

The painting features colorful flowers, deer, birds, and rabbits. Amate also features paintings of everyday life of their society such as fishing, hunting, and harvesting. 

Today’s project is to create a bird in the amate painting style.

Children from 11-13 years can paint these paintings.

What do you need

You would need watercolor paper, white charcoal pencil, some bright acrylic paints and white gel pens.

You can use brown paper instead of white or color the background brownish green first.

Use a white charcoal pencil to draw the design first.

How do you recognize Amate paintings?

The strokes in this type of painting are elegant and have a lot of elongated “c” and “s” curves which gives a sense of movement.

Birds that form the main theme usually, cover almost the entire painting. The wings and the tail are spread out to give the painting fluidity 

The colors bring a decorative or ornamental look. They are bright and flat.

Flowers and leaves cover the rest of the painting.

Flowers are usually of the same shape and size and they are painted in different colors.

Blue, red, pink, yellow, and green are the main colors used. Black is used to outline first. White strokes play an important role to highlight the painting.

You would find these colorful birds in Indian folk art too – the Sohrai folk art painting.

So lets start painting.

Here we coloured the paper first with an olive green background. We have mixed a little brown with it.Then we used a white charcoal pencil to draw the bird.Once you are satisfied, outline it with black.Then color it with colorful paints.Outline again to give a finished lookThen use the white gel pen to highlight the painting.